hard-dip bananas ice cream


we’ve been loving on the banana’s ice cream here for a long time now. the soft-serve creamy treat hits the spot like none other. but i am a big sucker for hard-dips, and i stumbled onto quite a trick the other night.

i wanted to make the ice cream slightly ahead of time for some dessert guests, so i decided to store the finished ice cream in my ice cream maker. after half an hour, i placed the thicker-than-before ice cream into the freezer for another half an hour, with plastic wrap pressed tightly over the top of the bucket. when i scooped out the ice cream to serve, we had smooth hard-dip ice cream.

this lasted much longer in the outdoor heat than it’s soft-serve counterpart.

we still love (LOVE) soft-serve, but try this next time for something a little stiffer.

*note* you need to have your freezer bucket frozen for 24 hours, as well as bananas frozen for 24 hours before you begin this recipe.

hard-dip bananas ice cream

serves 4

4 cups sliced & frozen super ripe bananas

4 tbsp cocoa powder

itsy-bitsy pinch of salt

peanuts and chocolate chips for topping


puree frozen banana slices in blender. do this briefly so the heat from the blade friction doesn’t melt the bananas. once almost blended completely, add cocoa powder and salt until well combined.

pour into ice cream maker, and run it for about half an hour, or until it stiffens up quite a bit. secure plastic wrap over the top of the ice cream container and place bucket in the freezer for half an hour or so.

scoop into big cups and sprinkle with lots of toppinz.



3 thoughts on “hard-dip bananas ice cream

  1. Liz, I just realized that Cindy sent me the link to your amazing web site. The recipes look and sound great. Cannot wait to try the grilled sweet potatoes. Keep cooking! Michelle

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