kale, bacon, and cheddar omelet

when life gives you kale, put it into everything. i have been putting kale into at least one meal a day. this makes me feel like i am eating light… with bacon and cheese.

my garden is putting a crazy amount of kale. like, crazy. it is even more delicious than spinach in an omelet. slightly more salty and sulfurous in flavor and a little more crunch, kale is a super-duper tasty plant, and mad tasty in breakfast applications. -and it grows like a weed. seriously, next year i am going to border my floral garden with it because it is tall, beautiful, and pretty independent.

kale always needs a little help with getting some awesome flavor out of it. adding salt and pepper is usually all it needs for morning treat, and for a great side to dinner, sauteing in garlic, salt, pepper, and zesting with lemon is simply delicious.

kale and bacon are practically a given., so breakfast is pretty straight forward in my house until my kale bounty dies down a little. add a little cheese, or a lot, for a really, really savory breakfast.

i am going to tell you a secret. you may disagree with this secret philosophy, but it is the truth. -yes, i know the definition of “philosophy” doesn’t allow “absolute truth”, but follow me in on this one.

don’t melt cheese. ever. no, i don’t mean you can’t heat it up a little to soften it, i mean don’t let it melt completely. you lose the textures that carry the salty flavors. i realize that you don’t believe me, and think melted cheese it just great. forget all that stuff. just try it. -don’t top your pizza or baked spaghetti with cheese until the very last-minute. -put room temperature cheese on your burrito. -toast your grilled cheese until the cheese JUST softens, not oozes.

try it. the flavor will surprise you.

i never fully melt the cheese in my omelet. in fact, i keep the cheese cold until i am ready to grate it on, then i let the fillings warm it as i fold it into the egg wrapper. this results in a sharp, salty filling with texture. no liquidy, drippy pool of “wtf is that?” left stagnating on the plate.

listen, unless you are making sauce:

trust me.




you are cooking that flavor right out of it. don’t do that!

another tidbit in conjunction with the way i make omelets: i don’t add stuff to the egg. -no milk or cream. i prefer a sturdy, intensely flavored egg, as opposed to the super soft and creamy variation that the french made famous. this is not to say that i like a dense, rubbery wrapper. keeping from adding salt to the egg until last-minute will keep your egg fluffy, but still let it crisp around the edges and remain sturdy. beating the crap out of the egg batter should also help to keep the egg from becoming dense without cream. add cream if you desire a super-soft omelet, or however you prefer.

this recipe is not a strict or set way of making an omelet, simply a guide for utilizing the produce you may be seeing an abundance of like i am, and to perhaps try something different, like kale, in your breakfast instead of maybe spinach. if you want to use feta cheese, use it. if you have sausage, use it. if you want to add garlic, hey, get crazy with it. play with what ‘cha got!

kale, bacon, and cheddar omelet

a few big leafs of kale, cleaned, cut into small pieces

3 strips of bacon

nice fancy cheddar that hasn’t been tainted by food coloring or other sad additives

2 eggs

salt and pepper

method: get the eggs at room temperature.

fry up and crisp the bacon, reserving the fat. once the bacon is cooked and grease is patted off of the meat, crunch bacon into bits. let skillet come back down a little in temperature.

add kale and a little pepper to bacon fat in skillet, and cook until just tender. you don’t want to over cook this. placing a lid on while cooking helps to get it tender without burning. wait to add salt until kale is finished cooking or it will release too much water.

while fillings cook, beat the heck out of your eggs and pepper in a small cup. heat up large cast iron skillet with a little butter or bacon grease spread on all cooking surfaces of skillet. once skillet is hot, but not smoking, add egg and tilt to coat pan with egg. allow to cook until center is just cooked and edges are crisped up a little. now is the time to sprinkle with salt. loosen edges, add kale and half the bacon. just before you fold your omelet, add your cheese and transfer to a plate. top with remaining bacon for crispy yummies.


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