blueberry pancakes-vegan and grain-free

blueberry pancakes

this is a very special, very messy breakfast.

i should start by explaining my absence, though.

you see, dear readers, there is a reason that i have neglected this blog for a long stint. the reason is that i didn’t know if i should divulge some top-secret information or not. i knew if i was blogging lots, i would spill the beans. i would out the secret. there was no way i could write and not say it. i wasn’t sure if i could… i didn’t know what would happen… i didn’t know if it was bad voodoo.

but i just don’t care anymore, i want to be out with it already.

here it goes.

i am having a baby! i am just over 4 mos pregnant, and super thrilled. so far, everything is on track, all signs are pointing to “healthy”, and nothing in the world could ever make me happier! our due date is april 21. -and don’t even wonder about the sex of the baby, we won’t be finding out! and i will be keeping things pretty private about the pregnancy, so don’t expect to be bombarded with every detail about the doctor’s visits, issues, etc. -but that doesn’t mean i won’t gush from time to time. this is our first, after all!

i will, though, give you some food-related details of the pregnancy thus far.

foods i hate now: eggs, chili, stew, the smell of bread baking or toast toasting, fries, the idea, smell, and anything to do with fast food, cashews.

foods that i just can’t quit: greek salad & meat grape leaves (daily), falafel, humus, pad thai, curry, socca pizzas, sausage, sweet potatoes, peanut butter (a jar a week!), rice and rice noodles, bananas that are not ripe.

as you can see, i have been eating bits of rice here and there. i do tolerate it well in small amounts, and i plan on keeping it in my diet so long as my body doesn’t mind. i have been experimenting with hot porridges for breakfasts and sausage with wild mushrooms or sweet potatoes for breakfast in place of eggs. my body has rejected eggs instantly upon eating them for years now, and i just realized this a week ago. i feel much better since eliminating them from my diet.

and though the baby is old news to brian and i, again, we are just thrilled like a couple of idiots with the whole thing.

so it is hard, now, to go on with a recipe… such a minor speck in the grand scheme of things.

none the less… on with it, liz.

one reason why this is such a special pancake recipe is because it is egg-free. -yes, again. it turns out i can’t tolerate eggs at all. which is forcing me to branch out and try new things, new ingredients, new recipes! i even purchased some tapioca flour yesterday!

well this pancake recipe was inspired by the great ricki, from diet, dessert and dogs. her original recipe was for lemony pancakes, but i was feeling the almond/blueberry pairing this morning. i made a few modifications to use what i had up, and viola! a beautiful double-stack of pancakes adorned out table! i was so thrilled about them, i forgot to photograph them before i started to gobble them up.

thanks, ricki, for your awesome blog, that is JAM PACKED with special diet recipes, wisdoms, and cute doggy photos.

this recipe serves 2 hungry adults.

vegan blueberry pancakes

1/2 cup almond meal

1/4 cup (scant) flax meal

1/3 cup protein powder or coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp stevia powder or 1 tbsp maple syrup

1/4 tsp salt

2/3 cup warm milk of choice

1/2 tsp almond extract

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup frozen blueberries (keep ’em frozen until i say!)


combine all wet ingredients in a small bowl.-not the blueberries!

separately, combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. -not the blueberries!

combine the wet and dry, and allow to sit for a few minutes. the batter should be a little thick, you’ll want to scoop it out of the bowl, not pour. -still, wait on the blueberries.

heat a skillet over medium heat, and add a small amount of oil to the pan. once the oil shimmers, your pan is ready.

use a ladle or measuring cup to scoop out some batter. pour it onto the skillet, and top with a small handful of blueberries. allow to cook for a few minutes, flip when the bottom is set.

these will turn out a beautiful, crisp on the outside, moist and crumbly on the inside pancake.

top with hot blueberries, coconut cream, and maple syrup.

what a hot mess!


49 thoughts on “blueberry pancakes-vegan and grain-free

  1. First, congratulations! That is great news. 😀

    And second, I love your version of this recipe! I’ve never topped mine with blueberries, believe it or not. And I think the almond/blueberry combination is spectacular. Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Hooray! Congratulations! Being currently 31 weeks along that same path, I am very excited for you. This is our second baby though–the first is 4 already. I am mostly grain free (except millet and buckwheat seem to go over okay and I find I do well with some in the morning). I seem to do alright with eggs, but my daughter doesn’t, so grain-free, egg free breakfasts are right up our alley. I whole-heartedly support your experiments in the kitchen on the pancake front! 🙂 We love pancakes.

    One thing that has really helped this pregnancy go along smoothly for me and avoid most of the discomforts are tea infusions. I usually make nettle or nettle/raspberry leaf blend to drink throughout the day. The night before, I mix 1 cup dried nettle with 1 qt boiling water in a mason jar (stir with a chopstick) and then let it sit on the counter over-night. I strain it in the morning and then drink the infusion throughout the day. I aim for 2-3 quarts of fluid a day, so it’s a good visual reminder of how much I’ve had if I leave two mason jars on the counter–one tea and one water, to make sure I get enough fluid. I usually order nettle from Mt. Rose Herbs in the 1 lb. size. Definitely good stuff! It’s kind of like eating green leafy veggies every day–you can’t really over-do it. Dandelion greens are great too (but I haven’t found a way to make them very tasty…!

    We’re looking forward to hearing more and don’t mind the occasional gushing! 🙂

  3. These look wonderful, but is there anything i can sub the flaxmeal with? I don’t cook with flax considering its extremely delicate and really shouldn’t be exposed to heat.

    • heather-
      you could try ground chia in the same application, unless you have the same issue with heating. otherwise, i wouldn’t know what to use as an egg replacement, other than experimenting with something like arrowroot or tapioca.
      let me know if you try these with your own modifications!

  4. Congratulations! Such happy news!

    While I love eggs, I find that since I have gone Paleo- I eat a lot of eggs. To me, they are the fast food of Paleo! So- thank you for this egg-free recipe. This will make a wonderful breakfast (or dinner) for me!

  5. I made these this morning and they were great. They were a little tricky to flip–kind of the scoop and roll type of pancakes. It all worked out though and I had a yummy breakfast free of eggs! Hooray. I need to have some protein in the morning, and eggs are always the easiest thing I can think of to make; however, they do get a bit old day after day.

  6. what am i doing wrong? i absolutely cant flip them.They stick to the pan so much i can hardly get them off.then and then they were mushy inside.

    • kathy-
      are you following the recipe in its entirety? if so, something you could be doing wrong is using a pan that isn’t hot enough. these should be cooked over medium. also, how much oil is in the pan? it should be enough to make the pan shiny, but not so much that you are “frying” the pancakes. is the batter thick enough? if not, try adding a little extra almond flour. try trouble shooting, and let me know if any of this works for you! grain free/egg free pancakes can be quite tricky, so keep up the practice!

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re making it back east this year (but I’ll let you know ASAP if that changes). Things were just kind of up in the air with my new job, and by the time I found out about everything, airfare was sky-high and booked to the gills. Next year for sure, though. I love seeing everyone around the holidays. ❤

  7. These did not work for me at all 😦 Batter was super thick, pancakes never firmed up enough to flip. Big mess. Followed exactly 😦 Maybe altitude affects this???

    • hi eve! good question.
      i’m not sure what effects the altitude would have on this recipe, or any for that matter. i am in ohio, so i think i’m lucky enough that this has never been an issue for me to consider! are you pretty high up?
      i have never had an issue with this recipe (obviously, or i wouldn’t have posted it!), but as i tend to recommend most always with pancake batter, your intuition tells you that something seems too thin, add more dry ingredients. if it seems too thick, add a dash of wet ingredient. intuition is worth its weight in gold when cooking. many times, i will follow a recipe measure for measure, and somehow it will seem thinner or thicker than it did last time i made it. this is when i will add more of whatever ingredient will thin/thicken until a batter seems “right”.
      also, always keep an eye on the heat setting of your skillet. if it is up too high, any batter will surely burn before it is set enough to flip.
      in short, i would recommend adding a splash of milk to thin out your batter.
      does this help?
      hope you let us know if any recommendations work for you!

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  9. Would there be any way for you to maybe post what brand of ingredients you used for this recipe? I’ve tried making these about 10 times now (being vegan with a grain intolerance leaves me with very few choices and this looks delicious), and I’ve yet to have mine come out anything like yours. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong? I’ve tried adjusting with more dry or more wet ingredients as well…When you say protein powder or coconut flour, which one do you use?

    • tara, i’ll be glad to help!
      i’ve never had a single flop with this recipe, so there has to be something that we can figure out here!
      i use bob’s red mill brand flax meal, almond flour, and whey powder. when i opt for protein powder instead of just whey, i use designer brand, vanilla flavor. the rest of the ingredients are probably not brand sensitive.
      are you making the flax egg with warm water, and letting it sit long enough to congeal?
      is your skillet at the right temp?
      are you using too much oil?
      hope some of this helps, please comment again to let me know how it works out. i’d be happy to help you troubleshoot!

      • I tried these today and they came out pretty darn good! They were a little mush inside, however– had a hard time getting them to cook all the way through. I added some extra soy milk as the batter I made was super thick with just 2/3 cup. Wondering if the extra milk may be what made them difficult to cook through…? Also, in your comment above, you mention making a “flax egg” but the original recipe says nothing about a flax egg. So I’m a little confused. ( I just included the 1/4 cup flax meal with the rest of the dry ingredients.) Can you please clarify how to incorporate the flax meal? Thank you!

      • Regarding my comment below… I just noticed that you already answered the question about the flax egg, so please disregard that question. Thanks!

  10. Has anyone made these with coconut flour and if so, how much did you use? They look so good in the picture, but mine are a big mess. Thanks!

    • I think I may have found one thing…in a comment above, it mentions making a flax egg, but I don’t see that in the directions. I just mixed my flax in with my dry ingredients. However, I still don’t think that the coconut flour could be used 1/1 for protein powder, since coconut flour absorbs so much liquid. I hope I/we can figure this out because they look so good and I can actually tolerate all the ingredients (except whey)…food allergies, ARGHHH!

      • stephanie-
        i was scrolling through the comments looking for the flax egg mention, though i am in a hurry so not sure if i missed it or not.
        i did not use a flax egg here. instead, i simply let the batter soak and thicken for a few minutes.
        the coconut flour does work 1:1 here, i have used both it and whey protein powder and also a whey protein mix for smoothies. the whey will no absorb a great amount of liquid, but still thickens the batter quite a bit.
        try mixing the batter with the ingredients you plan to use. allow the batter to sit. after a few minutes, if it is still too thick, add more dry ingredient, maybe a tbsp at a time. if it is too wet, try adding a little milk.
        i hope these end up working for you!
        be sure your skillet is hot enough, be sure you are keeping the batter cooking long enough, and try cooking them in olive oil or maybe safflower.
        good luck! please let me know if i can help any more!

  11. Thank you for this recipe! I am doing an strict paleo intro but my kids really miss pancakes~
    Good luck on your pregnancy!!!

  12. Hi! Hmmm…the taste was GREAT! Great combo of almond and blueberry!

    I used Bob’s almond flour & flax meal and Tropical Traditions coconut flour…

    I did not use the flax egg method because I followed the recipe but now I see you mentioned it in your comment on Feb 5th.

    Did you really mean 1/4c. flax meal?

    Hmmm…the taste was GREAT! But the dough was like a quick bread consistency. I added a bit more coconut milk and it softened a bit. I still had to roll balls and flatten them into a pancake.

    So while your recipe tastes great it didn’t look like your picture or turn out like you described.

    I’ll be trying to tweak this in my kitchen 🙂

    • wow, you had to roll it into balls? holy toledo! if anything, this batter normally turns out quite thick!
      when i was refferring to “flax egg” i really meant was “is your batter setting long enough”… i guess my misspeak caused confusion. no, there is no separate flax egg. the 1/4 cup flax is totally right! it is ccrraazzyy that your batter was ball-thick! what kind of flours did you use? did you use 2/3 cup milk? let me help you troubleshoot. i am shocked!

      • When I made these on 3/28, I saved some batter because it wasn’t working for me. When I saw this post, I took my batter from the fridge, flattened in my hand and placed on a greased cast iron skillet that had been preheating in a hot oven. I returned the skillet to the oven and turned down to 350. After 5-10 minutes, I flipped (they didn’t stick at all 🙂 and cooked until that side was crispy. They were so good that I’m getting ready to go try the recipe again. I use Honeyville Almond Flour and Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour.

  13. I’ve tried these and it didn’t work at all, it just turned into a big gooey mess in the frying pan 😦 I’m wondering what the consistency of the batter is supposed to be? Should it be doughy like cookie dough, or more liquid like regular pancake batter? My batter was definitely more liquid, thicker than the consistency of say whipping cream, but still liquid enough that I could pour it into the pan. What consistency should it be?

    • anita-
      it should be a pourable batter, but not as watery as whipping cream. it should be much thicker than that, but certainly nothing like cookie dough. i would say maybe the consistency of yogurt, or just thinner than that.

  14. I just made these this morning, and they were so good! Even my kids gobbled these up. I used coconut flour, so I had to add a LOT more milk. Even then, the batter was very thick. I used an ice cream scoop to put the batter in the pan, and had to flatten out the ball. But I didn’t have any problems with the pancakes sticking…heated some coconut oil in my trusty well-seasoned cast iron skillet and cooked away. Thanks for a great recipe!

  15. I also thought that these tasted amazing, but my batter was incredibly thick (almond flour & coconut flour) and I had to add twice the almond milk called for. And even then, they scorched immediately on a medium hot, well oiled skillet and I had a mess of a time flipping them. They looked sloppy and lumpy, but the tase was fabulous. Next time I’ll try a lower heat setting? Maeve xxo

    • maeve-
      holy toledo! i have never had any such troubles with this recipe as i have seen in the comments! i really don’t know what the answer is. i wonder if people are using TOO MUCH oil? and are you allowing the batter to set for a few minutes after mixing the wet with the dry? what kind of oil are you using? you could try using coconut milk in place of almond milk, i have found that to be a good change.
      hope this helps!
      thanks for the comment, maeve!

  16. We have an almond allergy so I used some cashews I ground in my coffee grinder + coconut flour. The batter was thick like others said but not as thick as the flax-chia-coconut flour pancakes I had been making. I also had to flatten the ball to a pancake shape and then the ends crumbled a bit. They were a pain the butt to flip but since I wasn’t really aiming for presentation it didn’t matter much. HOLY MOLY it was like eating at IHOP!! They were delicious. Once the pan heated up future pancakes scorched easily so I turned the heat down some and they were better. I also made a blueberry syrup to top them with! For my husband I added some df chocolate chips — he was very happy. Oh we also didn’t use the almond extract (almond allergy) or the vanilla (corn allergy). Thanks for bringing breakfast back to life 🙂

    • great, glad you liked them!
      really, the batter should be much more runny than people are getting! i encourage readers to add liquid as needed to thin the batter until it is pourable. this will ensure a much better, and easier to work with, pancake. i promise!

  17. I made these tonight and had the same ‘dryness’ issue as others have mentioned (and I added almost twice the amount of milk called for!). But I’m wondering – when you say coconut flour, do you mean the pale golden coloured fine powdery stuff that’s super dry? Or are we talking some kind of finely milled dessicated coconut? (cos that wouldn’t dry the batter out so much). I’m definitely going to try them again though. I know coconut flour sticks a lot so I’m guessing that might be the issue.

  18. I’m sorry, but these turned out absolutely awful! Probably the worst paleo pancake recipe I’ve ever had! They stuck to the pan and never cooked through. The batter was much too thick to even stir in the beginning, so I slowly added more almond milk to each progressive pancake but they all resulted in a mess.The flavor wasn’t too bad, but I ended up eating a big plate of scrambled mush for breakfast. 😦 It didn’t cure my pancake craving at all…

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  20. My batter came out just like the directions said. They definitely were hard to flip so I don’t know what I did wrong there. Despite the flipping issue, however, I must mention that these are by far the best tasting paleo pancakes I have EVER tried. Pancakes are one of my favorite foods ever so I have tried many many recipes trying to find the one that actually tastes normal, and these are it.

  21. I too needed to add about twice as much milk. First one in the pan was a disaster but I eventually cracked it. Low heat, masses of butter in the pan and above all PATIENCE! LOL. Don’t flip them until you’re well sure they’re cooked at least part way through. The flavour is excellent and it’s well worth the effort. Thanks for the recipe.

  22. I just made these for my son he has a lot if food allergies(wheat, egg, dairy, nut, protein) so it’s hard to find “normal” food for him to eat. He loves blueberries and absolutely LOVED these! Thank you so much. I used all coconut flour, flax meal, and vanilla extract. I needed to add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of milk(coconut). I made them small and they were manageable to flip. Thank you again!

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