pumpkin pancake fail

i just attempted a batch of egg-free pumpkin pancakes, which would’ve been my first shot at them.

epic fail.

as i realized they weren’t working, i thought i’d try to salvage the rest of the batter in the waffle maker.

double epic fail.

the kitchen is a mess now.

i’m taking a break from pancakes for 2 weeks in meditation. i will be sticking with simple breakfast foods for these 2 weeks.

i have such appreciation now for how much easier egg-based recipes are than flax-based.

dear pancakes,

you win.




11 thoughts on “pumpkin pancake fail

    • feli-
      thanks for sharing! i will try adapting this somehow, and i will share with you if i have success or not! i do eat buckwheat, maybe a few times a year, but it is in my pantry!
      thanks again for stopping,

  1. So sorry to hear about your pancakes! 🙂 Come share this in my Get REAL carnival on Tuesday! 🙂 I want people to share their flops, so that everyone knows that foodie bloggers fail too! 🙂 Hope you can figure it out next time! Until then, enjoy your simple breakfasts!

    • brenda-
      why is this the first time i went to your website?! what a nice little thing you got going on there. i will be lingering much more often now that i saw it!
      yes, i do fail! we all do, and rarely do we show it. -it doesn’t make pretty photos, many times we are too frustrated to share photos or even words about it. -this may come out as rage for me in the heat of said pancake/waffle disaster. none the less, it happens 1/15 times for me, and i think i should make myself more available to share it!
      thanks for the encouragement!

  2. That’s exactly how I feel about gluten free vegan waffles. My waffle iron despises them and I get really crabby scraping waffles out with a chopstick and having a crumbly mess. I do love the idea of waffles for my daughter, but some recipes just don’t work out well for me. Pumpkin pancakes—I think I know where to find a good workable recipe for those if you’re feeling up for trying…http://www.nourishingmeals.com/2008/11/pumpkin-pancakes.html

    Though I forget if you do grain-flour-based pancakes or not, so this may or may not be helpful. I can sometimes tolerate buckwheat pancakes as a special treat, but it’s one of the few grains I do okay with.

    Pancake/waffle disasters are really a bummer. I can definitely empathize. As I stand at the sink scraping off waffles, I’ll tell myself, “I am never making another gluten free vegan waffle recipe EVER again…” and yet I find myself doing it again every so often (with similar results…). You are brave for mentally giving yourself a one week break from it!

  3. Oops, yeah, no grains. Vegan pancakes from Nourishing Meals are not quite up that alley. Hmm, I must have read other grain-free-vegan-pumpkin pancake recipes lately too. No, actually, they probably all use eggs. Eggs! It’s like the paleo baking staple. Yesterday at the farmers’ market, everyone was out of eggs, so no eggs in the menu this week for me. (Eggs make my life more difficult though since my daughter still cannot eat them, so if I make myself an egg-something, I make her something else). Major morning complications when I try to do one recipe that is somewhat involved and completely flops.

  4. This is me every time I try to make grain free pancakes. Just blobs of goo in the pan that you can’t flip and don’t cook all the way through. I have tried probably 6 different recipes at this point. I have decided to quit trying and use a gluten-free pancake mix, on the rare occasions that I really want pancakes.

    • elle-
      i’ve had so many successes with plain almond flour pancakes, i got cocky and thought i could add in a bunch of liquid. i thought i had it all planned out! it took days in my head to prepare for it, and FLOP! i really thought it would work, based on my “normal” recipe i use for almond flour pancakes & hotcakes. whatevs. i quit fancy versions!
      thanks for the commiseration!

  5. hmm…So sorry! Have you thought about cooking with weight as a measurement rather than cups/etc. Gluten Free Girl started doing that and I am going to try it when my kitchen scale arrives next week! 🙂 It could help you easily adapt recipes like this one: http://artofdessert.blogspot.com/2010/06/egg-free-pancakes.html (though I’d guess you’d play around with the sugar on that recipe–I would too. 🙂 )

    You can sub a grain free flour for regular flour…just by measurement of weight. 🙂 Here’s a post where she talks a bit about it.


    Here’s a post where she defends it…which I thought was cool:


    Then she also has mentioned the “ration rally” posts….where you cook by ratios of dry to wet… Here’s a pancake recipe for it:


    You could sub the pumpkin for the egg… If I end up trying it I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂 I’m always on the hunt for healthy breakfast foods!

    PS–I made your chocolate chip cookie recipe for Thanksgiving—OH MY GOODNESS!!!! HOLY REAL COOKIES BATMAN! 🙂 Loved them!!!! When I want crispy…I’m TOTALLY baking your cookies….I’ll save Elana’s recipe for chewy needs. 🙂 (LOVE THEM)


    • netty-
      thanks for the tips and comments!
      yes, i have used weight many times, and have used a scale for years. however, i find it is difficult for me to stick to, and fear that readers would defer back to cups out of preference. i have read the ratio rally, it is interesting, and i have yet to truly try it “scientifically”!
      as far as subbing pumpkin for egg, i have done this a while back, as well as applesauce, and find it never makes a complete binder that will satisfy my baked goods, usually ending up too moist. i do have plans in the near future for a retry of these substitutions! i’m glad you liked the cookies, i hope you share them with friends and family this holiday!
      thanks again for the help and links, i will be rereading the ratio rally post!

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