OOgave ginger ale


i don’t tend to do a lot of product reviews on this blog, mostly because i don’t want to dole myself out for marketing or bashing. i think reviews can walk a fine line in those respects.

but i just gotta say, that this stuff is tasty. trust me, i’m pregnant, i know what’s good and what’s bunk.

with just a few pretty pure ingredients -carbonated water, agave nectar, ginger extract- this sweet treat is crisp and refreshing. i do wish it were a little spicier with ginger, similar to reed’s triple ginger… i mean, ginger is meant to have a bite. but, hey, you can’t have everything. i already think it a step in the right direction that they exclude the use of cane sugar at all.

anyway, just wanted to give this brand a shout out, and i will for certain be trying their other soda varieties.


2 thoughts on “OOgave ginger ale

  1. Understand why your pregnant self is grooving on this – ginger is awesome for nausea. I carry a chunk of root in my bag – it’s my “go to spice” (note: not pregnant!). Thanks for this info – I’ll keep my eyes open… this product looks right up my alley!

    • totally grooving on it! dirty little secret? i used my zester to grate a little fresh ginger into a glass of the OOgave for extra ginger zip.

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