thanks for hanging in there!

i know my posts have been spotty and sparse, but i’ve been really busy lately!

being pregnant sucks a little energy out of you in general, but i’m doing great for the main part. despite brian and i having the nastiest version of the flu last week, i’ve been in tip top shape for a 7 month pregnant lady. i still go to the gym, i still work full hours, and i refuse to let anyone treat me like i have an illness. -it’s pregnancy, people, my body was BUILT for this!

i’m proud to report that we finished baking 2 layer cakes for my shower, which is tomorrow. today we will fill and decorate both cakes, and also make a tart. what fun! seriously, i don’t get much 1 on 1 time with sis, so just sitting around baking monotonously is great. she and i operate on the same level.

needless to say, i’m looking forward to posting pictures of our adventure as soon as i can!


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