bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwich

everyone loves an eggy bacon breakfast sandwich.

even vegans.

even celiacs.

this gross generalization about breakfast sandwiches is not unfounded. it just isn’t.

my goal in making so much tapioca flat bread lately was intended around a deep desire for a good breakfast sandwich sans grain.

tapioca flat a is so perfect as sandwich bread. it is stretchy, soft, doughy and sturdy.

if you leave the herbs out of the dough, it would be equally as awesome as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich bread, or, heck… i’d even go so far as to spread some nutella on it. yumz.

cutting into large, long strips will facilitate a great wrap-style bread for lunch meats. i also like to eat it plain as a midnight snack when i am up late feeding little juniper.

just be sure to keep yourself from over baking. you want this to stay moist and stretchy. also, when you pull it out of the refrigerator, warm the bread by wrapping in foil and putting in the oven/toaster oven for a few minutes. warming it up will further moisten for a bready consistency and keep it sturdy.

here is a quick note on scrambling eggs: if you add the salt to them before they are cooked, they will become rubbery. i always wait until they are mostly set before i add salt to eggs, scrambled or dippy.

bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwich


2 slices of flat bread, warmed, with or without the cheese

2 eggs

3 tbsp cream

2 slices bacon, cooked

a few chunks of sharp cheese

salt & pepper, to taste


beat eggs with cream in small bowl. get a skillet medium hot, and cover with 1 tbsp butter.

once butter sizzles, pour egg onto skillet. after about 45 seconds, sprinkle with salt & pepper, then quickly use spatula to move egg around, keeping it thin on the skillet. remove from heat and let egg set on warm skillet.

place cheese on the egg so it melts slightly. fold egg into layers so it will fit onto your bread.

stack egg, cheese, & bacon onto your warmed flat bread and devour.

feel free to include something green, like basil or spinach, or any other tasty bits you can think up, onto your sandwich.

mushrooms, sausage, onions… the bread is your blank canvas!

6 thoughts on “bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwich

  1. I am so intrigued by your tapioca starch flatbread. It looks wonderful and like a good option for people staying away from traditional flour for whatever reason. Are there any health or cooking properties that made you gravitate to the tapioca? I’m just curious because I’ve never cooked with it before. 🙂

    • hannah-
      the bread really is wonderful, and a great option for anyone, even those who are wheat inclined!
      tapioca is made from a root that is so popular in most parts of the world, it is actually the third largest source of carbohydrate consumption in the world! africa, south america, mexico… every warm climate has a heavy tradition of using the root, wheather it be by cooking the root like a potato or processing it into a flour for making bread. traditionally, in any area i have looked into, the recipes for breads containing the flour use no other flour, and few other ingredinets, as is in this recipe.
      the truth about the starch, in its flour form, is that there really are no nutritional benefits to speak of, no vitamins, nutrients etc. other than the advantage of it being a powerful source of carbs, it is safe of all allergens. it is a neutral flour, inexpensive (3$ for 1.5 lbs at most grocery stores), and really easy to digest. it does not contain any inflammatory properties, clearing it from causing diarrhea, which many other flours tend to provoke. many use it to treat irritable bowel syndrome, believing that it is therapeutic to the digestive tract.
      i really find it easy to use. i use it in place of potato starch and arrowroot starch. i find it simple to bake with, and since it is not a grain, and i eat grain-free, i rather enjoy it as my main source of carbs!
      thanks for your question!

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  3. You had me at irritable bowel syndrome haha, just kidding…That, for some reason, caught my eye when scanning your comment. Anyways, this looks delicious and I agree that every human enjoys a good egg sandwich…they are the best! Love your take on it, I will definitely have to try 🙂

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