whole 30


i’ll be starting the WHOLE 30 this monday!

thanks, matt austin, for reminding me of this challenge with your comment on my tapioca bread. this is something i had been wanting to do, but have been putting off, for many months now. in general, my diet falls almost completely in line with WHOLE 30, with the exception of lots of yogurt, cream in my coffee, natural sweeteners, gooey cheddar with eggs for breakfast, and weekend primal pancakes.

this month, all of those treats will be banished from my diet.

no sweeteners, grains, legumes, dairy, nitrates, baked cheater-sweetie-treats like grain free muffins and what-not, no sneaking a few bites of rice with my stir fry, no corn tortilla with my beef tacos.. NO ALCOHOL!  NO.

i plan to use coconut cream in my coffee every morning. i will be consuming lots of safe carbs, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, fruit, and tapioca bread (using palm shortening in place of butter and coconut milk instead of cow).

so don’t worry. i’ve got LOTS of tasty foods planned! eggs and bacon breakfast sandwiches (SANS cheddar), peppers, meat and avocado for lunch.. bbq chicken and sweet potatoes for dinners.. steak with broccoli.. bananas with almond butter for snacks..you get the idea!

i’m excited for the discipline that will be inserted into my diet, believe it or not! i do not expect to slip up, as this would be allowing myself to fail. and that would just be cruel!

i am nursing juniper, but expect that this super clean version of my already clean diet will have no negative effect on my milk supply. i am not doing the WHOLE 30 to lose weight, but to clean up my tummy! i’ve already lost all of my baby weight and am proud of my postpartum shape! i will NOT be reducing my calorie intake, on the contrary, i will probably be INCREASING it with fats and protein.

tomorrow morning will be coconut & almond pancakes with syrup and cherries, dinner will be filled with potatoes, and there will be dessert. this should send me off right. and i plan on some sticky, messy treat for the end of my WHOLE 30 challenge.

to learn about the details of the WHOLE 30 challenge, click here!

let me just say, though, that i will miss cheese something fierce. FIERCE!


7 thoughts on “whole 30

  1. Sounds like a great challenge! I’m looking forward to following your progress. Heck! I may even do it along with you. I also eat a pretty clean diet already, I just need to cut the natural sweeteners and alcohol. One question: have you found bacon without nitrates? I wasn’t sure this was possible, but I would love to be corrected on that one!

    • Laura-
      you should totally do it! the more that join a bandwagon, the stronger the will!
      yes, bacon is going to be a really difficult one for some out there, but a few choices stand. i have found many that are preserved with celery salt in place of nitrate, but there is a drop of sugar in them. beelers, niman ranch, and applegate farms are a terriffic option.
      however, since i’m supposed to be avoiding ALL sugar, i’ll be asking my butcher to slice up some smoked pork belly fresh for me. this will be my bacon. also, the ever-awesome wellness brand makes a sugar and nitrate free bacon that the ingredient list is “pork, salt, hickory smoked”. it is labeled as WHOLE 30 approved! yes, it is a little expensive, but it is bacon. and we all need bacon.
      there is also the option of prosciutto. it is also an expensive option, but i need my pork fix!

      i will be using fat rendered from bacon to fry my eggs in and ghee when i’m in a pinch!

      i hope this helps tip you toward the start of the WHOLE 30 journey!

      • i’ve never cared much for bacon with nitrates, i always thought it tasted “off”. we get beeler’s brand or niman ranch, though a trace amount of sugar is added to the meat.
        i’ll be giving welshire a whirl! thanks!

    • i read the timeline just this morning!
      i’ve certainly felt that way on a paleo challenge before. that was a fruit-free challenge, so hopefully i do better with the grumpies this way.. ugh, who am i kidding. what kind of replacement is apple for ice cream? what kind of life is that? see, i’m already grumpy.

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