WHOLE 30: day 1

i won’t be journaling ever day, as i have a 10 week old baby that is really cute and i like to give attention to.

but for general purposes, i will be blogging as i see fit to update on progress with the WHOLE 30 challenge!

breakfast: 3 eggs fried in ghee, 3 strips of bacon. coffee with coconut cream.

results? addicted. coconut cream is amazing in coffee. also, eggs fried in ghee is a real treasure. so buttery-flavory. this is my usual breakfast for the most part, with the addition of ghee and coconut cream.

snack: banana with almond butter

lunch: turkey, half an avocado, half a red pepper, sprouts. also a peach for lunch-dessert.

results? tasty and filling in the moment, but i should have packed more. i normally eat a cup of greek yogurt, almonds, and fruit, which fills me up much more.

snack: handful of cashews

dinner: shrimp, red onion, red pepper, pineapple skewers served over kelp noodles with sesame oil drizzle. we marinated the skewers in liquid amino, garlic, ginger, and crushed pepper.

results? delicious. we’ve made kelp noodles before and love them. it is rare, however, that we make skewers. love grilled pineapple.

i don’t plan on always doing snacks between meals, but my lunch just didn’t fill me up like i thought it would. i will pack a bigger lunch from now on!

overall, day 1 went great. obviously, the momentum from starting any challenge like this will probably last a few days, then taper if i get hungry or am not prepared to deal with manageable cravings for “no” foods.

if anyone has any comments, words of encouragement, or is in on this challenge and wants to let us know how you’re doing, speak up! share your pain!


10 thoughts on “WHOLE 30: day 1

  1. Kelp noodles sound delicious. I can’t find liquid aminos around here (or the stores hide it really well) so I’ll have to order it online.

  2. Good luck with Whole 30! I did it in Jan. of last year and it was a good experience. My coconut milk consumption went waaaaay up;) Have you tried shiratake konjac fiber noodles? They’re softer than kelp noodles and absorb flavors well (I always boil them in salted water to soften them up and flavor them). I like the Shirakiiku brand, as well as Miracle Noodle, which even comes in fettuccini shape.

  3. I’ve been making sandwiches using peppers as the “bread”… this makes me bring more for lunch and keeps me fuller since I can get everything in one place this way!

  4. Whole 30 is something I have been thinking about doing, but I still need to do a little more research before I commit. Also, I have 3 more half-marathons on my schedule so I’m not sure how that would play out if I would try and restrict right now. So, if you don’t mind, I will follow your posts and learn from you!!!

    • not to try and convince you (because this is my first go at it anyway), but whole 30 is very non-restrictive! bacon and oils for fat, fruit or sweet potatoes for carbs, veggies… all unlimited. fill up on the good starches and you’ll never miss the grain, i swear it!

  5. What kind of coconut cream do you use?? That is my only hold up in giving up dairy. I luv my cream in coffee

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