WHOLE 30: day 4

oops! how’d that picture get in there?!

i made tapioca bread yesterday. i know an awesome reader brought me down to planet earth on this one, and i totally appreciate that! i hope readers keep my sorry self in line as this process goes on.

however, i’m a nursing mommy, and totally crave salty carbs like it is nobody’s business! i think that at this time, i need to be able to keep a slightly higher carb-base to keep from bingeing on “approved” carbs, like dates, peaches, cherries, etc. this bread has all improved ingredients (with palm shortening instead of butter and coconut milk instead of dairy) and keeps me feeling really full for longer. since i started nursing juniper, i’d been sneaking REAL NO NO FOODS, like gluten-free crackers and pretzels, throughout our late-night nursing sessions. this is not going to happen any longer!

in other WHOLE 30 news, we lost 2 chickens to the 100f degree weather yesterday. it was horrible. i am truly sad to see any animal suffer. this is why we buy only cruelty free, outside living meats, and why we got chickens in the first place. they were fun to raise, and good layers. nice orange yolks and high-standing, thick whites. we have 3 chickens left, one is a rhode island red, and the other 2 leghorns (which i assume are better equipped to handle the heat than a rhode island red).

this is all relevent to WHOLE 30 in that i’ve lost 40% of my egg source! we don’t buy eggs due to the substandard ways factory farms treat their hens, and the poor product that is a result of that mistreatment. we’re hoping the 3 hens we do have can keep up with my ridiculous rate of consumption. generally 3 per day for me and 2 per day for brian… the math doesn’t look good.

here are the meals!

breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs & 2 strips bacon on tapioca slices, coffee with coconut cream.

lunch: banana with sunflower seed butter, coconut, and cinnamon. i named it the banana snowball.

snack: nuts and a fresh apricot.

dinner: hamburger (no chebe bun?! no cheese?!) with caramelized onion, red peppers, mushrooms, fried egg, and mushrooms. sweet potato fries (with no ketchup?!)

a note on my lunch: my blood sugar flipped its lid instantly the second i even bit this. i knew it would happen. juniper and i were late to an appointment, so i had to settle for this sugary (but delicious) lunch. i will never call this a meal again, but sure as hell will call it a dessert!

i call it the “snowball” because that’s what my blood sugar did after i ate it!


One thought on “WHOLE 30: day 4

  1. The Whole30 is meant to change the way you’re viewing food. If you weren’t a total breadaholic before and you’re viewing that tapioca bread as a way to get enough carbs then you’re fine. Other good carb sources are: sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash, plantains, regular tapioca, parsnips, beets, taro.

    I’m sorry about your chickens. 😦 This blog post has information about eggs, you may be able to find some near you that you’re fine with eating, maybe check your local farmer’s market: http://whole9life.com/2010/11/the-conscientious-omnivore-eggs/

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