scrambeled eggs to make a difference!

cheesy-cheeseless egg & bacon sandwich with tapioca flat bread

WHOLE 30 is still happening, so, no cheese for me. what is a scrambled egg without raw, sharp cheddar half melted and oozy all tucked into the egg’s folds?

hi, my name is liz, and i have a problem. i eat a lot of cheese. so much cheese, that i spend my free time thinking about the next time i get to eat it (23 days)!

how does a breakfast lover like myself cope? make scrambled eggs really well. it isn’t difficult at all.

here is a hint: eggs shouldn’t ever feel dry. there should be a little wet to them, and i’m not talking moisture. i’m talking goo. know the point when your eggs still have the orange/yellow gel on them during cooking? that’s when you are supposed to stop cooking them. ask any chef: a dry egg is a pathetic waste of perfectly good flavor and texture.

since dropping the cheese from my diet, i’ve found that the cheesyness of a perfectly cooked egg is enough to trick my tongue. the eggs have a cheese flavor, and a cheesy texture when they are cooked properly. this could gross people out, but don’t avoid it. give it a try. so long as your eggs are from a good clean source (get outta here, factory farm eggs), it is fine to consume a wet egg. not only is it fine, but many studies show that slightly undercooked eggs preserve available nutrients and biotin.

and no, you won’t get salmonella. if you are eating factory farm eggs, then yes. worry about disease. once you are done worrying, go out to the farmer’s market and spend 3$ on a dozen real eggs.

real scrambled eggs

2 cold eggs

s & p to taste

2 tbsp ghee (butter is fine if you are not doing WHOLE 30)

method: crack your cold eggs into a small cup or pyrex with a pour spout. using a fork (not a whisk!), beat the heck out of it until everything is one color in there. add pepper and whip again. do not add salt yet.

heat cast iron skillet over medium/high heat until skillet is hot. spread your ghee over the pan and turn heat to low or very low.

pour eggs onto hot ghee, and using fork, stir on the skillet for 15 seconds or so, until lumps begin to form. now sprinkle on your salt. stir again, remove from heat, and pile eggs into the center of pan in a tall stack. this should all be done before the eggs cook through. quickly transfer eggs to plate before the heat from skillet over cooks them.

the eggs continue to congeal off of the heat from the residual heat and steam that has already passed through them.

if you have done this right, the center of your eggs-pile will still be gooey, but not sloppy or runny.

the trick here is removing them from heat way before they are cooked. the other trick is adding the salt LAST. adding salt will make the eggs tough and dry. this is why you wait until they begin to set up before adding it.

our eggs are so bright yellow because our free-range, happy chickens eat so many bugs and protein sources in the back yard, instead of fortified feed. we do supplement their diet during dry seasons, though.


3 thoughts on “scrambeled eggs to make a difference!

  1. Have you tried Gordon Ramsay’s way of scrambled eggs? They are quite “wet” but once I cooked his way, it’s the only way I’ll have them now 🙂

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