Whole 30, day 10

i mention stress throughout my previous posts. i admit reluctantly that i deal with stress by munching on cheese and pretzels, and also with a drink throughout the week. -no, not in the “slippery slope” way, but still not a really healthy way to deal with it. now i’m stuck dealing with the stress by, well, dealing with it. this means lots of talking it out. lots of honesty and communication.

“with what?”, you may be asking. what could this stress be…

we are moving to cleveland. my husband has found himself in such a desirable position at a cleveland library, that we are moving! i will be staying home with sweet little juniper for as long as possible. this means i had to quit my beloved job at the dental office. i will be working through august 1. after that, i will be a stay at home mommy for a bit, and brian will be working in his dream-job setting!

we get to move back to a city, with sidewalks, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores all within walking distance. no more 20 minute drive because i forgot the bacon. no, we will be walking for destination. we can spend lots of time playing in parks, socializing with other babies, and enjoying city life once again!

we still don’t have a place to live, so we’re not sure what will happen of the cats or chickens and lots of other factors. all we know is that we’re going in 3 weeks! hooray!

breakfast: half of a baked sweet potato, 2 fried eggs, 3 strips of bacon. coffee with coconut cream.

snack: some pecans & some cantaloupe chunks.

lunch: ham, peppers, sprouts. plantain chips (no, not ENCOURAGED on W30, but not unapproved, either…)

dinner: shrimp antipasto and a small chunk of tapioca bread. nomsville.

dessert: an apricot (they are perfect right now)

results: ok, so the plantain chips were probably a mistake. i won’t be doing that again. i dunno, i just like ’em. but next time i need some carbs, i’ll opt for a piece of fruit. though i think it wasn’t carb i was craving so much as salty & crunchy.

and yes, i’m still fine with myself having the tapioca flatbread in super moderation. i am nursing and feel that i really want the carbs outside of the fruit realm.

i like to bake the night before i’ll be needing it, because i don’t have time in the morning to bake! i then reheat in the oven for a few minutes before i serve.

one potato should serve 2 people.

baked breakfast sweet potato

1 sweet potato



method: preheat oven to 400f. coat sweetie in oil, salt, and pepper.

bake on a sheet for 45 minutes. stick a knife into the center of the potato to check for tenderness.

while potato bakes, you can fry your bacon and eggs.

slice potato in half, cover in ghee, salt and pepper, and top with bacon and eggs.

juniper is always this perky and cheery in the morning! i am thrilled that i can soon spend my mornings with her again instead of leaving her for work!


2 thoughts on “Whole 30, day 10

  1. What a cute happy baby! Moving? Oh boy!!!! It most definitely be stressful what’s laying aheah for you, but it is also exciting if you just keep on looking to all the pros. Just take one day at a time, and give yourself two thumbs up for all you are accomplishing at the same time, keep in touch 😉

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