Whole 30, day 14

half way over!

this isn’t so bad!

i warned you that we would be gone for the weekend and without updates. here is one update: we went to an awesome wine bar with amazing wines and tapas, and i did flawlessly. did i order bacon wrapped dates and pick out the taleggio cheese? yes. this should be the last time i ever waste super tasty fancy cheeses ever again, though. for dinner i had bacon roasted brussels sprouts with fresh herbs and a rare steak. i am proud of myself.

here is what went on in my food world today!

breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 strips bacon, tapioca flat bread. coffee with coconut cream.

snack: a banana and some nuts.

lunch: turkey, a tomato, some applesauce.

snack: a spoon of almond butter. -don’t worry, people. i just boiled eggs for snack tonight!

dinner: big ass salad: chicken, tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds, oil & vinegar. some dates and 2 fresh apricots for dessert.

results: well fruit is going to kill me. i can’t stop eating all of this fruit. it is going to gain me like 10 lbs. maybe it’s summertime that makes me crave it… in reality, i know that it is because i am constantly dehydrated that i crave fruit. i don’t drink more than a glass of water per day. i just don’t have time. that’s bad news!

looking forward to baking a super tasty grain free treat when this is all over with. also, looking forward to so much cheese.


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