What is life without dessert?


and healthier.

this is what i say.

when talking to people about my W30, or even about my grain free diet, they often ask “what is life without_____?”.. rice, sourdough, spaghetti, doughnuts… whatever you could imagine that one would think they may be addicted to.

well, i agree that these foods are a tasty, fun novelty to eat. but that doesn’t mean it is a reasonable excuse for food.

and even when we make cheater, grain free versions of such treats, it really still isn’t a great excuse for food, though it is made from real, whole ingredients instead of old syrupy corn and milled wheat.

i try to keep in mind when i’m scouting sweetie treats in the store, or online, or in my freezer…. sweetie treats are for treats.

do i deserve a treat just because i finished a meal?! heck no!


W30 has reminded me of life’s limits. separating “needs” from “wants”. this includes relying on fruit binges as a treat, just because it is “allowed”. why binge on fruit? because my body knows it is still sugar, and my tongue LOVES sugar.

i encourage all out there to look deeply at food rewarding. be honest when you think about it. if you see yourself doing this, stop it. stop it for just 5 days, break the routine, and i promise you will realize how silly it is to think that there is no life without dessert!


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