Whole 30, day 30!

last day.

i just finished my last meal.

it was a successful journey, unless, that is, i give up at 11pm and have a G&T. no, i’m not going to, but funny to think how something so tiny and screwball would negate my whole month! today was my going away party at work, they made grain-free brownies for me, and almost ruined my 30 day challenge. i will eat some tomorrow at lunch!

anyhow, i wish i could be more speechy about the whole thing, but i’ll give it all to you in a matter of short detail.

i missed gluten-free pretzels, which are my one and only non-primal treat that i ever eat. i plan on finishing the half-bag in the pantry, then being done with it. now i know i can get rid of them. now i know that i don’t need snacks that aren’t real food. i love them, i do. crunchy, snappy, salty, filling…  they do digest very well for me, but it is time to get rid of this unnecessary carbohydrate.

i missed gin, and i missed it fierce. alcohol, in general, i missed. but really, gin is so sweet in my soul, i am thrilled to have one soon. what a delight, the bright, piney flavor, crystal clear in a glass with sparkly tonic. citrus wedge off to the side for palate cleanse, and to sweeten the deal. relaxing after a hard work day, refreshing on a hot summer day. what a mild crutch i have.

i love lean meats now. i used to really dislike them, but as much steak, pork loin, and chicken we’ve had was a great reminder of how well it can come out when cooked properly. also, lean meats digest better, it turns out!

i miss pancake breakfasts sundays. maybe this should be more of a monthly thing for our family, i really don’t think i need all that maple syrup. i can’t believe i’m saying that.

i don’t need yogurt any more. i like it, but in perspective, it is what i missed the least, along with dairy cream.

i need to eat cheese now, though. sharp, stinky cheddar at warm temperature on a hot burger.. need soon.

i am loving coconut milk/cream in my coffee. i may keep this tradition. we’ll see.

breakfast: sweet potato hash, 2 eggs, 2 bacons. coffee with coconut milk.

snack: banana with macadamia nuts.

lunch: salad with a chicken breast, a peach, dressed with leftover MOJO.

dinner: steak stir-fry and kelp noodles.

snack: fist of sunnyseeds (brian was eating brownies in front of me, so something in my brain triggered an “eat” signal.. it was strange)

results: i didn’t eat brownies, ok.. that’s a great day. they were in front of me. they were chocolatey. they were loaded with almonds.. i was so close to calling it the 29 day challenge, but what the heck would that be? uncool.

other than the fist of sunnyseeds, it was a proud day. and so far as the BIG PICTURE goes, i have completed my challenge. amazing. i never thought i could do it until i spontaneously decided to do it!

special thanks to matt for lighting the fire with a passing comment a month or so ago! i now know that i can do this, easy.

another special thanks to brian, my husband. although he refused (REFUSED) to do whole 30 (even though i know he could do it), he supported me. he asked questions and kept me interested, and kept my on track that one time we went to the wine bar. he didn’t allow me one peck at a glass. -and it’s hard to keep me away from wine!

thanks to all who put up with my pouting, sighing, eye-rolling, and bad attitude whilst in presence of you eating ice cream. why you did that in front of me? i have no idea. but thanks for not telling me to shut up when i talked about how sweet nuts taste to me now, and how “fruit is too sugary, just imagine how sugary and bad for you ICE CREAM is”. i was jealous.


3 thoughts on “Whole 30, day 30!

  1. Congratulations on making it! It’s so tough, but it has made me a die-hard label reader when I buy food. Now we’re adding back in other foods one at a time to see how our body reacts: last week was diary (we did OK) and this week is grain (not going so well). It’s nice to reset and see how different foods affect us. Good thing you have so many grain free dessert recipes for us to try.

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