lost after Whole 30?

no way.

banging my way around in the dark, figuring out which room to enter next?




now that i’ve completed my challenge successfully, i don’t want to mess too much with a good thing. i have developed wonderful eating and snacking habits. now, if the only snack around at work is an old jar of sweetened almond butter, i just don’t snack. i have learned to dismiss light acts of hunger and wait for a real wave of it before i eat mindlessly. i wish to grow that habit.

but i missed some things.

i missed gf pretzels. so what did i eat tonight with my big salad for dinner? some gf pretzels.

i missed out on grain free brownies yesterday made for me by my coworker. so what did i snack on at work all day? grain free brownies. ok, i may have overdone the brownies.

my point is, i’m still figuring out how tightly i wish to incorporate my new self-knowledge into my lifestyle.

for sure, i will be WAY less reliant on dairy. no cheese on salads. cheese is for cheese burgers. no more 3 days a week of yogurt for lunch. more like if i’m in a pinch. i will make ice cream from coconut milk instead of dairy, unless it is a special occasion. i will not be eating pancakes every weekend, maybe just stick to a monthly routine.

i will still eat copious amounts of sweet potatoes.

i will still fry eggs in ghee.

i will make plantains more often instead of tortillas.

i will not make gluten-free pasta any more. seriously.

i will not eat chebe every day. maybe i’ll make it every 2 weeks or so, but i don’t need to make a weekly batch (even though i love it so much).

this change could not have come at a better time. we are moving this weekend. this calls for a pantry clean-out. big stuff! should i throw away my collection of rice noodles, or finish them off ceremoniously? should i throw away my gf pretzels and grain-free cheesy crackers, or enjoy them till the bottom of the bag? what am i supposed to do with this stuff? snuggle it until it’s time to let go, or get it out now, cold turkey?

this reminds me of when i decided to quit smoking.

that is sad, and means i need to make a change, and i need to make decisions quick so i keep my momentum going strong!

any advice on what to do with the vices that are already in the pantry?


5 thoughts on “lost after Whole 30?

  1. FYI – for your ice cream cravings, we now have a Yonanas machine at our house, plus lots of bananas and raspberries in the freezer ready to use.

    • YONANAS! at my disposal all the time?!
      this opens me up to a whole new world of posting recipes!
      i sense a waffles and Yonanas breakfast creeping its way into our weekend, cindy!!

  2. Donate your unwanted food to a food pantry, soup kitchen, or a neighbor who could use the food. Or you can put it somewhere outside to biodegrade.

    I have a lot of fungal issues and have been gearing up for a candida cleanse. Reading about your whole 30 journey is helping me have courage to commit to a healing diet.

    I can’t wait to hear about your new town.

    Happy moving.

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