banana waffles, nut free

i have been trying to rely less on nuts these days. don’t get me wrong, i think that almond cakes and walnut muffins are just about where it’s at, but it turns out that heating them up can make them inflammatory to the body when we consume them. i will still use them in many of my recipes, but it is time to venture out a little past the nut.

these banana waffles use tapioca and coconut flour as the base, which soak up lots of liquid and provide a light, crispy result. i have used both coconut flour or whey protein powder in this recipe, so feel free to swap them 1:1. the tapioca flour, however, can not be subbed out unless with another compatible starch, like arrowroot flour, or maybe even potato flour. flax meal provides a little more structure to these waffles, and gives them a wonderful texture without letting them feel wet.

if the finished batter seems a little thin, you can add an extra tsp or so of either flour. if it seems very thick, it can be thinned out with a little milk or yogurt. it should be similar to a slightly thin cake batter.

these have the perfect banana flavor, aroma, and sweetness. fluffy and light banana waffles like these deserve lots and lots of butter. i also piled on peanut butter and buckwheat honey. i know i have before professed my love for honey, but this is special honey. my dad gave me what might be a quarter gallon of buckwheat honey he bought on a vacation in michigan at a road side stand. i believe he may have purchased several gallons of it, because since said vacation, he has had a peanut butter and honey sandwich 5 days a week. really and truly, i’m not sure that this is exaggeration at all. when my sis and i were kiddos, if my dad didn’t have enough time to fry us a dippy egg in the morning, he would make us peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the road. we would climb into the car with our runny sandwiches and slop up the car upholstery with our clumsy, sticky fingers. really, pb & h is a flavor combination that will always remind me of dad. anyhow, thanks dad, for the honey. it was AMAZING with these waffles. let my days of pb & h sandwiches live on in memory through this grain free weekend treat!
banana waffles

serves 2


1 super ripe banana, worked over in the food processor or otherwise pureed

2 eggs, beaten

1 tbsp oil

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

3 tbsp coconut flour or whey protein powder

4 tbsp tapioca starch

2 tbsp flax meal

method: plug  your waffle iron in and allow it to heat properly. generally, 5 minutes or so does the trick. it must be piping hot before you pour the batter in. brush it with oil.

combine all dry ingredients together.

separately, combine all wet ingredients together.

now combine wet with dry. whisk well. allow batter to rest for 5 minutes before using. this allows the flours to soak up the liquid, and the flax to expand and get spongy.

pour batter into hot waffle maker. cook for 2-3 minutes. no peeking. opening the waffle maker while the magic is happening makes for a sloppy mess. you can wait.

remove cooked waffles from waffle maker, serve while hot and crispy with melty butter, peanut butter, and buckwheat honey.. or whatever your pleasure!

these waffles are an awesome blank canvas to be topped with nuts, chocolate chips, almond butter, coconut butter.. whatever tickles your fancy!


15 thoughts on “banana waffles, nut free

    • meagan-
      let us know how your substitutions turn out! sometimes rice protein powder can be grainy, but i’m curious as to the results you get!

    • great to hear, linda!
      just a big FYI… if you are a fan of pumpkin, you may sub in 1/2 cup pumpkin puree for the banana for a pumpkin waffle! sweet potato puree works well too. such a treat!

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  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that these are amazing. Truly easy to make and not a dissapointment. These are now a Saturday treat for the whole family 🙂

    Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Okay, I don’t normally comment on these things…but these waffles ARE (EFFING) AMAZING! I have tried soooo many coconut flour recipes, but this….THIS…IS AMAZING! Thank you for finding something that doesn’t use A BILLION EGGS or lbs of honey to make. I half the recipe to make just one for my Paleo self. I mix dry ingredients in one bow, and wet in another, then let them sit (i feel like that step is VERY important, like you said…the flour needs to soak up all of that goodness for at least 5 mins 🙂 I use Arrowroot powder instead of tapioca starch. My waffle maker is weird and I have to flip the waffle after a minute so it’ll be nice and crispy on the outside but moist and delicious on the inside. I have had about 4 waffles this week? DELICIOUS!@#!#@$@ Again, I love that I don’t have to use 8-million eggs for this recipe :DD Also, I added 2TBS of coconut shreds, 1TBS of chia seeds, and a fist full of chunky Walnuts. Of course I have to have a side of turkey bacon too and I top my waffle with a bit of agave nectar. Bless your heart for creating the BEST.WAFFLE.RECIPE….EVAR!

  4. Wow, what did I miss??? This didn’t even come close to making 2 waffles and the recipe says it serves 2. This batter was no where near pourable, very difficult to get to spread out in waffle maker. The resulting waffles were NOT crispy, but they did taste good.

  5. I follow a Paleo lifestyle, but my youngest son has a nut allergy. We’ve made these twice now…kids love them.
    Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  6. These were the best grain free waffles I’ve ever had, honestly. I’ve tried lots of different paleo waffles but they never turned out as light and fluffy as these… and I feel much better after eating them than I do with the heavy almond flour ones.
    Thanks for the recipe!
    FYI; I subbed unsweetened applesauce for the flax meal, and arrowroot powder for the tapioca.

  7. Just made these, and I’m amazed by the texture! I like how they’re moist and just a little spongy, the perfect waffle. And so delicious! I topped them with a raspberry compote, a little butter, and some chocolate chips.

    Will definitely make these again!

    • hm.. you could either just omit it, or try adding a few tbsp of almond flour if you can tolerate nuts. not sure how either substitution will work, let us know!

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