sweet potato waffles, nut free

someone i know… ok, myself… i love sweet potatoes so much. i eat them most mornings for breakfast with dippy eggs and bacon.

i love sweet potatoes in sweet applications, too. just ask my mom. between dad’s cranberries and mom’s buttery cinnamon sweet potatoes over thanksgiving, i was a happy, full-bellied eater.

this waffle recipe follows the same guidelines as my banana waffles recipe, swapping the pureed banana for half a cup of sweet potato puree. the same thing can happen with pumpkin puree. just follow the ratios!

i don’t like a soggy, rubbery waffle. i want my waffles super crisp on the outside, moist and stretchy on the inside. i want them to taste like real waffles. these waffles are exactly that, and have such a crisp, light crust on the outside, they almost seem yeasted. the tapioca flour is what is responsible for those textures. i like to use whey protein powder instead of coconut flour because i like extra protein in the morning, but coconut flour works the exact same in this recipe and produces a wonderful flavor. if you use coconut flour, think of adding a tablespoon of maple syrup to sweeten the deal.

schmear of warm cream cheese or neufchatel cheese, and drizzle of warmed, real maple syrup.. i insist. … -don’t skip it! melted coconut butter, toasted pecans, and whatever else you can dream up would be acceptable to have with these waffles. bacon on the side balances out the sweetness with salty protein., and a little sausage wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

just look at how orange the inside of these things are. such a yummy, healthy treat. one serving of sweet potato (1/4 cup) contains an entire day’s worth of vitamin A for your eyes and for your immune system. learn more about the magic of the sweet potato by clicking here.

this would make a wonderful addition to the holiday breakfast table.

whatever you do, don’t skip the cream cheese and syrup. i’m warning you..

sweet potato waffles

1/2 cup sweet potato puree (fresh or canned)

2 eggs, beaten

1 tbsp oil

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp whey protein powder or coconut flour

4 tbsp tapioca flour

2 tbsp flax meal

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

method: plug your waffle maker in and coat the surface with oil. allow to heat up for at least 5 minutes, or according to the manufacture’s instructions.

combine all wet ingredients in a medium bowl.

separately, combine all dry ingredients in a medium bowl.

combine the 2 in a bowl or pyrex with a pouring spout, if you have it. stir well to form a runny batter. allow to set for 5 minutes to let all of the wet soak into the dry.

pour batter into waffle maker, close the lid, and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes. i like to wait until the steam slows to check the waffles.

carefully remove waffles and serve with desired toppings.

*note* while the batter is setting up, i like to place a hunk of cream cheese or neufchatel cheese in the microwave on super low setting for a few seconds to soften it. additionally, i like to place my cold bottle of maple syrup in a bowl of hot water to warm the syrup. this takes 20 minutes or so, so start doing this before you prepare the batter.


22 thoughts on “sweet potato waffles, nut free

    • hi june!
      this batter makes enough for 4 square waffles, which i consider 2 servings! if you have an odd shaped or specialty waffle maker, it may vary.
      let us know if it works out for you!

      • Made them this morning…delicious!
        I had enough batter for 2 Belgium waffles…I will double the recipe next time so I can freeze some.
        Thank you!

      • june-
        holy toledo! i wonder how you only got 2 waffles!! where did all your batter go? i wonder if your waffle maker is way bigger than mine?
        LOL i’m just imagining half of your batter hiding with “the other” sock that we are all missing!!

  1. Looks like Sunday’s brunch to me!!!…Two questions…What kind of waffle maker do you suggest?…I love the deep cavities on yours…so “on board” with the need for a crisp-textured waffle!…Also…I have coconut flour this time…so while I may end of using that this time…what kind of Whey Protein do you suggest?…There are a bazillion varieties…cow…goat…egg white..
    Vanilla…Unflavored…?…I’ve always been “leery” about using them because they always seem to be geared to “bulking up” muscle-wise…Muscles are great!!!…yet I do not wish bench press anything in particular!!…..

    Love this recipe…and the explanation is so well delivered…Happy Holidays!!

    • hi donna!
      i use a krups belgian 4 slice waffle maker. i have the simple one, without attachments to make pizzeles and other stuff. i like the deep cavities of a belgian waffle, too!
      as for the protein powder, i prefer designer whey, french vanilla flavor.
      they are all gluten and grain free, which i really like. also, it is low in calories (for those of us who aren’t off to lift boulders and run marathons). it tastes delicious, and it absorbs well into batters, which i mostly use it for. stevia and eryhthritol are the sweeteners used, instead of sugar or corn syrup, which is most common in protein powders! do let us know how your waffles turn out! happy holidays!

  2. Thanks so much for the “Whey-Cool”….sorry…response!!!!…I will be hunting that particular product down…since we seem to be on the same page regarding choosing erythritol over sugar or corn syrup….and I love vanilla….I will let you know about my results post-holidays…as these are on this weekend’s brunch blackboard!!¨..Thank you for your time and energy sharing these culinary wonders with us…very grateful for the inspiration at this hectic holiday time..

  3. My husband made them this morning, for my birthday. They were delicious! However, we found they were rather heavy, with a very thick batter. He added a little liquid. Next time I’d add more, maybe a few tablespoons of coconut milk. Also, the color much darker than yours – it looks like they have molasses in them.

    • elizabeth-
      i use blonde flaxmeal in my recipes. is that what you used? could result in the dark color! also, did you use coconut flour, or whey powder here? just curious, could be the “heavy” you are talking about!
      thanks for the feedback!

      • i was thinking, elizabeth… i am using canned sweet potato (using up from fall recipes), are you using fresh? i think that is what is making your waffles heavy!!!

  4. I used coconut flour. I made them again last week, and added about 1/3 cup coconut milk, which resulted in a lighter texture. They were not crisp coming out of the waffle iron, but crisped up nicely when reheated in the toaster oven. Also, I used blonde flax meal; maybe my sweet potatoes made it darker.

  5. I just made these this morning and they were so delicious! I used pumpkin, since I didn’t have sweet potatoes. Thanks so much for the recipe! I will definitely be making them again.

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